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Leather Care


This is the first, and arguably worst, mistake that most of us make with our wallets. We tend not to overthink what goes in, allowing them to become morbidly obese over time. What you don’t realise is that you’re doing irreparable damage, by stretching out the leather grain. There’s only one way to combat this, and that’s from the get-go. Make sure you only carry items that are absolutely necessary — limit yourself to a few important credit and business cards and a couple of bills.

Don’t make the mistake of lugging around expired coupons and old receipts in the hope that they’ll come to use sometime. 


We’ve already told you why you need to get your wallet out of your back pocket. Apart from affecting your body and health, sitting on your wallet also causes damage. Think about it: for several hours a day, you’re applying loads of pressure on its surface, causing it much strain. Be nice to your money holder and switch to front-pocketing. 


Leather is a unique, special material that calls for a different set of care instructions than you’re probably used to. There are three things that could damage your leather wallet : dirt, moisture, or the lack of it. Here’s what you do in each situation:


Since you use it everyday, it’s only natural that your wallet gets dirty from time to time.

Do: Use a damp cloth as soon as you notice dirt or a stain. If it has already set in, use a leather conditioner to ease it out. This will remove only the stain, and not the dye.

Don’t: Use soaps and detergents to clean your leather, as they may affect its composition. Only use products that are designed specifically for leather use.


Whether you get soaked in the rain or accidentally spill some water over it, here’s how to dry it properly.

Do: Wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth and allow it to dry at room temperature, making sure that your wallet is in its original shape.

Don’t: Use a dryer, or subject the wallet to extreme temperatures; this creates wrinkles.


When you see cracks on the surface of your wallet, it’s a clear sign of dryness. Just like your own skin, your leather needs a bit of moisture to regain its smoothness.

Do: Rub a leather cream or solution designed to provide moisture. We recommends that you go with an all-natural product that won’t mess up the vegetable dye. Apply a small amount with a lint-free cloth.

Don’t: Allow your wallet to get super dry before doing the above. Make a habit of conditioning your wallet regularly.

Your wallet is an integral part of your daily wardrobe, considering just how many times you whip it out daily. Follow these simple steps to be certain that you’re always carrying the most stylish, well-kept wallet.

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