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Surfrider Foundation

Surfrider Foundation

The ocean occupies 70 percent of our planet, so special foundations are vital to help care for it, and this is where the Surfrider Foundation comes in. As a non-profit organization, their goal is to work to reduce plastic in the ocean, defend the ocean against anything that could harm it, and ensure that everyone can have full access to the beach.

The Surfrider Foundation focuses on using activism as a method to protect our beaches and oceans. They have been doing this through a wide variety of campaigns, the most recent involving campaigns like coastal preservation in Miami, a campaign to stop burning plastics in New York, and clean up border water in California.

Surfrider carries out these campaigns through different programs. One of the most prominent programs is beach cleaning, something that everyone can help as a way to contribute to protecting the environment. They are usually needed due to plastic pollution that has accumulated in the ocean or from busy days at popular beaches.

Another successful program is his Blue Water Task Force. Surfrider measures bacteria from almost five hundred different bays, estuaries and freshwater sites. They can then alert citizens and officials if there is a problem with the water. He works to raise awareness about water pollution and allows communities to come together to address the problem.

If protecting the oceans is something you are passionate about and would like to do your bit, why not help out by volunteering to clean up a beach here, or you can even buy their products on their website as a way of showing your support.

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