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Decir adiós al plástico en el océano

Say goodbye to plastic in the ocean

Plastic Oceans is a non-profit organization, founded in the US, that works globally to end plastic pollution and create sustainable communities around the world.

Their motto is that if you act locally, you can change globally, which is why they work in the heart of communities around the world. They have branches in Canada, Chile, Europe, and Mexico, which means they are not only creating change in the US, but in many other countries around the world as well.

So how is Plastic Oceans spreading its message around the world? The answer to that is through special programs that have been created to change consumer behavior where they focus primarily on schools.

Plastic Oceans has a series of educational programs where they travel to different schools to teach students about the effects of plastic pollution and what they can do to help. They show movies in class and create special lesson plans to teach children the importance of conservation.

One particular method they have been using is their Rethink and Recharge program. Traveling around the schools, they have been setting up refillable water stations and handing out reusable water bottles to all students at the school.

And, as if that were not enough, they also regularly create and distribute educational films based on reducing our plastic consumption. You'll find many of these short films available to watch on his YouTube channel.

And now that? You've seen all of Plastic Ocean's videos, and like many others, it's created a need to help. Why not visit their website to find out more or even hit the volunteer button to find out how you can do your bit to end plastic pollution once and for all.

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